These are some of the questions which our therapists can help answer:

1. “Is my child’s behavior normal?” or “When do I need professional help?”

In response a therapist may ask the parent to consider the following:

  • Does your child appear unhappy?
  • Have their school work/marks declined?
  • Do they have difficulty interacting with others socially?
  • Do they have worries and fears that stop them from age appropriate activities?

2. Is there such a thing as “preventative treatment?”

In cases such as separation, divorce, relocation (home/ school) or a death, a consultation with a therapist could provide the family or individual with strategies to manage the transition process.

3. “Is there a long wait for treatment?”

No, most families can be referred to a therapist immediately.

4. ” What is the cost?”

Fees for assessment, consultation, and treatment need to be arranged with the therapist. Our psychotherapy services are not covered by OHIP. Insurance coverage may be available for part or all of the services through third-party coverage through your employer. Fees may also qualify as a deductible medical expense.